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Excellent critical care is not about cutting edge technology and memorizing the latest algorithms.  It's about pathophysiology and problem solving.  This is important when your patient is in the ICU, but even more important when you are resuscitating patients outside the ICU.  The ICU isn't a place, it's a team.  And that team needs a deep understanding of complex critical care concepts, whether or not they work in quaternary care center ICU with all latest technology.  ICUedu believes that making that knowledge accessible shouldn't mean oversimplifying it.  Because the fewer resources you have, the more you need to know. 

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Sara Crager, MD

Emergency physician and Intensivist.  Medical school at Yale, Emergency Medicine residency at UCLA, Critical Care fellowship at Stanford.  Currently faculty at UCLA in the Departments of Emergency Medicine and Anesthesia Critical Care.  Splits clinical time between the CT-ICU/SICU at UCLA and the MICU at Antelope Valley Hospital.  Likes teaching, hates celery, hasn't quite figured out social media.

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